CAC show Penig 22.05.2016  
Richter: Timmy Ralphe (ZA)  
Bearded Collies: 26  
V1 Pretty Bear Zweet Sensation CAC-J
V2 Arthur the first black King vom Kiebitzberg  RCAC-J
V1 Memorylane Intune With Paradise  CAC
V2 Rubens von der Brandenburger Beardie Bande RCAC
./. Philemon Eastbound to Kindle Passion  
./. Pretty Bear Your Heartbreaker  
V1 Bonny and Clyde's Next Best Superstar CAC
V2 Now and Then Up Where We Belong RCAC
Offene Klasse  
V1 Pretty Bear Question Of Honor CAC
V2 Rambo vom Kircheneck RCAC
SG3 Quentin von der Brandenburger Beardie Bande  
SG4 Bonny and Clyde's One Vision  
1 Now and Then Macy's by Bloomingdales CAC-V/BV
V1 Sergeant Pepper's Falling from the Sky CAC-J
V2 Kindle Passion Best Choice for Love Soul's RCAC-J
V3 Bonny ans Clyde's Upper Class  
./. Celtsdale Password Protected  
V1 Now and Then Victoria's Secret CAC/BOB
V2 Babbacombe Frankie Goes To Hollywood RCAC
V3 Bonny and Clyde`s She`s One Fire  
SG4 Nessiebluebell Eliza Brown  
zur. Bonny and Clyde`s Sunrise Avenue  
Offene Klasse  
V1 Venture of Life Born to be my Baby CAC
V2 Bonny and Clyde's Once In A Lifetime RCAC
SG3 Page von der Brandenburger Beardie Bande  
./. Alluring Harriet Duchess of Ram And Taurus